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Default FADU2010 Friends Experiences

We would like to encourage all Friends of FADU to enter our annual exhibition. In order to raise the awareness of our forthcoming exhibition FADU2011 we have asked several Friends to write an illustrated article about the entry they made last year, one will be published in this forum each month between now and late summer.

The idea is to provide an insight in to the way their submissions were put together with some background on the way their images were made.

Les Dix started off the series for February.
Tony Lovell followed in March.
Keith Tapscott covers April.
Heather Sullivan is featured for May.
Andrew Bartram is featured for June.
Mark-NY is featured for July.

Remember if you wish to find out more about entering FADU 2011 and can’t find what you need on the forum do not hesitate to contact the Admin team.

We would like to thank those Friends who have created this series of articles.

B&W Neil

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