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Originally Posted by Mike O'Pray View Post
I wonder how the new Ilford RC MGV liths? The ability to take lith may not be one that Ilford was able to do anything about when it produced RC MGV but has anyone tried to do lith with it?

I have made the assumption that the comments about poor lith quality apply to only RC MGIV but this may be an unwarranted assumption on my part




The post was originally about Foma 331/332 WT RC paper - but Ilfrord WT RC was sugested as an alternative.

The Foma 331/332 WT RC paper was a very special paper that lithed well but for some reason Foma discountinued the paper. Unfortunately, Foma didn't say why!

Also, AFAIK, the only paper now sold as lithable, or suitable for bromoil, is the new Foma FB Retrobrom.

Of course you can try to lith anything and use any trick to get a lith look - as always with art - if you like what you are creating - keep going! But this can be hard and expensive work.

As always - You pays your penny and you makes your choice

From where I sit the new Foma Retrobrom looks the best bet at the moment. That's said assuming you are unable to find a supply of the old lithable papers.

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