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Originally Posted by tillari View Post
Thanks Bob for this job!

Iím using the app, but not for the enlarger. Iím using it to control the time for the developer, stop and fixer baths. For this case, it would be very useful to have a louder sound when the timer finishes.

Thanks a lot!

Hi Ariel.

Interesting observation. I find the final beep a little too loud if I have the ticks at the right volume for me - but my hearing is not great so it may be my poor hearing at fault. If anyone else has the same issue, please let me know. I will investigate the options.

Yes, good point - the memories in the FADU timer will let you preset times for paper processing. It will not auto-step to the next process step like a proper process timer but it's definitely an option.

Cheers, Bob.
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