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Originally Posted by pietro View Post
I a newbye therefore I am not sure what you meant with 'type of head', I have replaced a 220V 150W Philips bulb with an :

230v 150w E27 PF605E Photocrescenta Enlarger Bulb
OK. By the sounds of it, you have a condenser head that uses filters either under the lens or that are popped in a draw above the negative. The bulbs that you are using should operate just fine on UK mains. If they are blowing after a short period of time, then you either have a faulty batch or your supply is outside the acceptable tolerances. To confirm the latter, you'd need to install a meter and log the voltage variations over a period of time. Unfortunately, this sort of equipment is neither cheap or very common - You could contact your energy supplier and ask for a monitoring system to be installed on a short term basis.
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