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Hi Folks,

I have found myself reading through a lot of old threads in your forum as I'm setting up two basic darkrooms at the moment.

There seems to be a very relaxed approach to photography here and there are a few names I see in other parts of the internet.

I started making photographs a bit seriously, late in the 90''s, with a Olympus OM10 and the 50mm F1.8. I still have a simple kit of OM1n/OM2n and 24F2, 50F1.8 and 85F2. The 85F2 was hard to find in the pre broadband times of looking through equipment for sale ads in magazines. A long distance phone call to the sadly departed MXV shop is somewhere in the back of my memory.

A pair of Nikon FM2n's and the 24/50/85 lens kit have seen most of the film I've shot over the last twenty years.

For medium format I have a 2.8F Rolleiflex that almost certainly spent much of the first thirty years of it's life shooting Irish weddings.

I suppose it's ten years ago I became aware of Large Format.

After years of reading on I bought a Linhof Color and registered there as a member. At this stage I have a nice old Technika that I bring out for walks and a 45s monorail that I use as a "studio" setup.

The opportunity to study drawing, painting and printmaking full time for a few years took my attention away from photography. I made quite a few portraits with a tiny electronic camera sitting up on a big solid tripod and then made paintings and drawings from the images. Some of the photographs made it into frames and onto walls due to the results of north facing window light and meticulous technique.

All this time I have lived maybe half a mile or so from a great little shop that was still developing C41 once a week. They print on a big roll of RA4 and life was easy for me.

Lockdown forced me to rethink the whole process.

Vague intentions and slow gathering of equipment turned into concentrated buying. Jobo's, trays and chemistry. Boxes of sheet film and paper.

So that's led me to here...

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