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From my own experience setting up a website can be as simple or as complicated as you need or want it. I've been doing my own site for a few years now with running costs in an around 30 per year. There are many good ready built sites out there offering photographers easy set-up with e-commerce options but I think they are far too expensive. If you need a site consider registering a domain name through a host that will host the site for free(eg.Freeola or Go-daddy) and offer SQL data base support should you ever want to add a shopping cart to your site. If you do want to sell, Photocart from Picture Pro is a good peice of software with totally free upgrades and good support. To put your site together you'll need an image editor like photoshop or Elements and a website editor, Dreamweaver being my prefered software. All you need after that is patience to learn the application software and Filezilla to upload to your your site.

Why have a site? To promote something you care about. To acknowledge the support of others and to showcase your own work as no gallery will display your efforts 52 weeks a year.
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