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Originally Posted by Stocky View Post
I empty my 12x16 Nova water jackets by siphon, so no need to tip it up.
Not that I do it often. I put into the water jacket a drop of sodium hypochlorite to prevent the water going stale or maybe growing algae.
I too have syphon, but I am pretty well sure that the end to go inside the tank would not fit into the holes at the top. It is a short walk from my darkroom to the bathroom where it can be emptied and also hosed out to clean away any sludge. I have been doing it for years and it hasn't stained the bath one little bit.

The reason for putting Sodium Hypochlorite, AKA, ordinary household bleach is not to stop algae growth or to stop the water from 'going stale', it is to kill any Legionella bacteria that may propagate. The static, warm then cool then warm again water baths are a perfect breeding ground for the spores that can escape and indeed kill if you get infected. It is not pleasant!
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