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Default Newbie from Eddy in the UK

I'm Eddy from South Wales in the UK. I started B&W photography and processing when I was in my early twenties and haven't touched it since - which is about forty years!

This time round I'm going to try colour film processing. I've bought a Durst M800 enlarger with colour head with some other bits.

It seems like I'm re-buying a lot of equipment I used to own, including a Zorki 4K camera and Ilford Sporti (my dad had one).

I'm also extending into Minox 8x11 photography and processing. I've bought a developing tank for the Minox film and I've just found a 32mm recessed lens board for the Durst to fit my 30mm enlarger lens; that should be good enough to enlarge the miniature negatives.

I'm can't wait to see my first colour prints soon.

Looking forward to meeting you in the Forums!
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