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Default Printing 6x12 on De Vere and Durst Enlargers

I decided to do some printing of some 6x12 negs tonight.

It is the first time I have attempted to print 6x12. As I do not have 6x12 masks for the De Vere 504 or the Durst 1200 Laborator, I thought I would set up the 504 with the 5x4 Anti Newton Glass bought from Odyssey last year. When I attempted to fit the glass into the carrier, I realised they were to small to fit I am extremely confused as I ordered them for a De Vere 504 and Odyssey obviously know this enlarger. Can anybody tell me if there are two different sized carriers for the 504, or have Odyssey sent me the wrong size?

I only have a top Anti Newton Glass for the Laborator and no bottom glass, so I could not use the Durst either. Does anybody know where I can get a lower normal glass for the Laborator carrier, and also where I can get 6x12 masks for it.

I'm guessing I could get Odyssey to make 6x12 masks for the 504, but does anybody know if I can get them anywhere else?

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