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Originally Posted by photomi7ch View Post
I noticed that the paper is very thin it is the first time I have seen the shadow of my finger hold it through the paper.
I'd never even contemplated the thickness and the translucence of Ilford's papers up until now.

But, yes, after trying yesterday, by holding two prints up to the light coming in the window in my conservatory, I too can confirm that I can see the outline of my fingers, with both paper versions, but only in the white margins around each print.

Does this bother me? Nope. I've never noticed it and now that I have, why would it bother me? Especially if mounted, it will make no difference at all. I suppose now, I should really check Ilford's FB papers, that I have used as well?...

But also thinking about it, the paper has to have some translucence otherwise it would be harder to use for e.g. paper negatives.

Terry S
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