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Originally Posted by mesires View Post
Hi Bob,
thank you for your feedback and detailed answer!

Re 1) You are right. I use the test strips mode in AUTO mode and it is really good. No problem with that.

One additional question: Is there a way how to turn off the green led inside the Sonoff Basic???
I think I have read all the posts in this thread but have missed any such information.

Hi Daniel. The LED is controlled separately by the Sonoff board so the firmware I added cannot affect it. Two options I have done: cover it with some tape (I used a bit of black paper under the tape for extra effect) or, I have also used a pair of pliers to grab and twist it off the board! But you may not want to do this if this is your only Sonoff device as there is a small chance of damage to the board.

Cheers, Bob.
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