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Default Paper Thickness

Originally Posted by photomi7ch View Post
I noticed that the paper is very thin it is the first time I have seen the shadow of my finger hold it through the paper.
There is absolutely no difference between the thickness of MG4 and 5!

This was mentioned in my previous post some months ago to which there is a link on page one of this topic. I checked the boxes of both versions and I saw that both papers are stated to be 190 gsm, which is actually quite a lightweight paper. Then I used both a micrometer and an electronic Vernier calliper to check the actual physical thickness and both instruments indicated that the paper on both versions was .24mm thick and 4 sheets together gave .96mm.

So unless Ilford are using a base paper which is slightly more translucent there is no difference in thickness. Whatever the case MG5 is a big step forward and it works well for me.

What sort of light are you using to 'see' your fingers through? I have a 25w 6500degree Kelvin LED bulb in my darkroom as an inspection light which is far brighter than a normal tungsten bulb of that power. I found it was almost impossible to see a shadow of my fingers with the paper held 12 inches away from the bulb.

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