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Originally Posted by Mike O'Pray View Post
Read the story and now I need the help of all our Scottish friends.

Why didn't the name Neville go down well in Scotland to extent he changed it to Jim/Jimmy

Was this to enable the locals to say "See you, Jimmy" It already sounds as if we are getting into caricature

Of course there may be a valid historical reason why Neville does not go down well. Was the Duke of Cumberland called Neville?

Maybe every time he introduced himself as Neville in a pub the bar went suddenly silent for a minute and then someone played Andy Stewart on the jukebox singing "Hey Johnnie Cope"

I'll stop now and send my sketch to the "Still Game" producer for the next series

An amazing collection that certainly needs to be shown


I’m surprised the name “Neville” goes down well anywhere! To the extent that Nevilles appear in films or popular fiction they never seem to be portrayed as heroic types. Up here in Scotchland, Neville, along with the likes of Nigel, are associated more with England which would automatically set some nationalist knuckle-draggers against them.

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