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Default Nikon F4

Apart from my F6 it was the F4 that really impressed me with the sheer build quality and ruggedness in its construction. Unfortunately these were thrashed mercilessly by the press and a lot will have died a well earned death
Spares are very few and in some cases like the 'bleeding LCD' they are no longer available new. But get a good one and it will be a faithful friend for life.
What I liked about the one I had was the obscure real 'cable release' socket on the bottom edge of the camera body so there was no need to use the fiddly 9 pin plug. With a SB24 flash results were perfect. Make no mistake it is a heavy beast but that makes for very steady hand held shots at low speed.

At its time it was brought out after the Canon Eos 1 and it went to show how rough the Eos was when compared to the F4
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