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Originally Posted by Alan Clark View Post
My mistake. I thought Dave was after a RC warmtone paper for general printing. I didn't realise he wanted it for lith printing.
I have been looking at the very nice lith prints on your website. I have never done lith printing and wish I had given it a go when the materials were readily available.



Ilford WT FB is one of my favourite papers - the RC version has the same emulsion (so I was told) but on an RC base.

This a great paper for printing and toning but alas it is not very good in lith - going from the eaxamples I've seen and personal experience.

Thanks for you kind comments on the lith prints I have on my website. It certainly was a lot easier when there were a good selection of papers to wotk with but it has always been an unpedictable process. I found the subjects I initially thought wouldn't work in lith turned out to make good lith prints!

The other lith problem we have now is the lack of lith developers with only Moersch (I believe) still producing them.

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