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Originally Posted by paddy View Post
The Nikon F4 came yesterday
All I can say is “wow” what a camera, solid build and heavy
I can see why this could be used as a weapon if anyone tries to rob you
I will give it a clean and put a reel of provia in it later
The focus assist with MF lens is a great idea, all controls on view and no menus
This one looks like it’s been owned by someone like us and not trashed by a reporter
A Reel of Provia! You must be very well off!

I'm glad you like it. They really are well built cameras. Does yours have a tiny threaded cover a little bigger than a match head on the bottom of the camera left hand side? This can be removed and a normal cable release used instead of the electronic one. It is well placed to ensure vibration free exposures. If the cover is there, don't loose it, they are no longer available

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