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17 contributors out of 687 friends is a very poor turnout indeed, maybe just enough to produce a calendar/pamphlet. Are 37 prints enough to make a book? Due to the lack of enthusiasm I would consider future FADU Year Books non-starters. I cannot fully understand why the contributions were so low, it is always a pleasure for me to look at other members work in print. Personally, I would make this years book so as not to disappoint those who have submitted prints. Les, it is entirely up to you to decide if you choose to produce the book or not. I for one appreciate you giving up your time to put the book together especially under the added stress of having to deal with your wife's accident and injuries. Hope the missus make a swift and full recovery both physically and mentally, life is too short to be ill.
"Tea is surely the king of all drinks. It helps against the cold, it helps against the heat,against discomfort and sickness, against weariness and weakness". Heinrich Harrer.
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