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Originally Posted by paulc View Post
Having picked up one L1200 that had been abused & poorly stored, keeping dust out is a number one priority. Bagging and storing the head in a drafty loft may not be the best solution unless you are prepared to strip and clean the mechanical linkages inside (for the Dichro heads).
I've got the heads, mixing boxes, neg holders, timers, and the blocks that hold the column to the base board removed and stored in large plastic boxes with sealing lids, and moisture absorbing chemical with them - these bits aren't going to rust. I actually spent quite some time dismantling and removing rust from these parts when I got hold of the enlargers, so i'm not going to let this happen again!

I'm left with the baseboard (wood), the column, and the transport/spring mechanism on the column. The column itself looks unlikely to rust as it's painted, but I can't store the transport/sprint and column in something, but if I dismantle further, I would be able to.

So, do these come apart? What happens if I undue the retaining bolts holding the sprint under tension? Does it politely wind up and is it obvious how to re-attach, or does it attempt to maim me/remove an eye and best left alone? ;-)
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