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Originally Posted by dave shutter View Post
I have just begun the l/f path, I have purchased some basic kit and a box of FP4 film.
This probably seems a daft question;
I know one loads the slides in the dark, but do not know how to tell in the dark which side has the emulsion on! Also how is the film packaged in the box?
I am sure you will come to dread seeing my name!!!
Hi David
When you open the box the film is likely to be in a piece of folded white card like a hinged book. Place it on the bench with the short open end toward you and open it to gain access to the film. Locate the top right hand side of the film, I run my finger up to the top of the right hand side edge(long side) of the film. If you can feel some small indentations cut out at the top right corner along the top (short side)of the film the emulsion side is facing up toward you.

The box has two lids to make it light tight, one being fitted from the top and the other from the bottom. When loading the fiilm try not to touch the emulsion with your finger for there is a danger that you may leave a finger print on the surface.

Don't forget to close the box in the same way as it was when you opened it before you switch on the light. Yes, I did not close the box after I loaded 6 double dark slides when I first used my MPP. I went out to expose the film and came back to process the film and found an open box of 38 sheets of FP4 lying on the bench in my darkroom. never again did I do that.

Have fun and please let us know how you got on.