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Hi Matt, hard to tell from a picture, but with RC paper, which pretty much lies flat no problem, you can print on RC paper very well without an easel, just lie it flat on the baseboard with the red filter in place, with FB paper you need an easel that holds the paper flat as it usually has a curl before processing, an old trick tom make sure the blades are flat is to use som weight on the blades where the cross, some cheaper easels tend to not have bladesthat are slightly out of true, which can be a problem in that the borders of the prints are not even, I would suggest you look for something like an LPL/Beard/Kaiser Ect, available used for good prices, nothing wrong with 2 blade easel but get a good wel known make and you should be problem, Dunco,and Bessler also make good easels, get one made by an enlarger maker, all the ones mentioned are from such firms look ad SDS, a forum sponsor, who have a wide range at good prices,
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