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I have since looked at Svend's link and hadn't realised there was a whole 5 pages. So thanks Svend I had completely forgotten about that thread

AlexMuir seems to have been the only one to have tried it in the Ilford replenishment way of pouring all the used developer back into the 1L bottle and he appeared to have success with HP5+ pushed all the way to 3200 and D3200 pushed to 6400 but it wasn't clear if he had used the llford replenishment system for all 10 films without mishap towards the end i.e at say 8+ films and unfortunately for me he confined himself to one post.

The other replenishment system was also mentioned by Svend whereby you have the 1L stock bottle and I presume a separate stock bottle from which you pour 9ml per roll into the stock that lies partly empty while the film is developing. You then add the used developer from the tank back into the 1L bottle discarding what remains ( about 9ml ) in the tank

This is an economical way par excellence. From 2x1L packs you get 110 films developed in what is a consistent way but for me I doubt I would ever get through a 110 films in the time that I could expect Microphen to stay usable.

What are the difficulties of making up 1L and retaining, say, 200ml as replenisher and 800ml as main stock? Would this work?

If it could then this still leaves the problem of air filling the 200ml replenisher bottle, doesn't it? Can this problem of more and more air in the replenisher bottle be covered( literally) by the likes of Protectan? I can't think of another way


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