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Red face Thank you!

A very belated *Thank you* for the warm welcome I received in this group. I'm quite embarrassed that I have not logged in previously to thank you.

I have made some progress, more purchases than practice, unfortunately. I found a Toyo 45G 4x5 monorail on sale for 4,000 yen and an unnamed wooden half-plate field camera for 2,000 yen. (30 and 15 GBP respectively). I also purchased a 20th Century Camera developing reel for 5x7 and a Stearman Press SP810 for developing 4x5/5x7/8x10. The latter works like a daylight version of the "slosher tray" that Martin Aislabie mentioned in his post.

Have exposed some 4x5 negatives. Not developed them yet. I plan on modifying my two latest cameras to accept 5x7 -- like my original LF camera -- the Burke & James.
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