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Default Which alternative processes are popular in the UK, and why?

Several years ago I posed the question, 'is anyone out there doing chrysotypes?' in the hope of finding someone to compare notes with, but it would seem that the answer was probably, no.

So, perhaps, it would be interesting to widen the question and ask which of the various processes are you using and why; is recreating particular bygone technique in itself worthwhile, do you like the resulting print, or is the process determined by the availability of chemicals/kits/equipment?

I have enjoyed producing cyanotypes, argyrotypes and a few chrysotypes having spent ages acquiring and learning about the necessary bits. These processes I gravitated to by ease of use and cost in the case of the cyanotype and results (less blue!) with the latter two of which the chrysotype can, I think, give the nicest image. Of the processes that I have considered but rejected; gum bichromates would be great but for having to use dichromates and in the case of platino/palladiotypes, the chemicals are available in the USA but not in the UK.

What has influenced your choice?
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