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Originally Posted by longhouselife View Post
I've been using Bergger COT320 paper, but shall likely look at something a bit cheaper when my last few sheets run out. Not because it is not any good - probably one of the best papers available, just not cheap and for learning a bit too much so really.
Can I recommend that you read the thread on here about peoples experiences with cyanotypes, but most importantly which papers they decided to use. Many experiments were made and papers were found that were, as you say, not too costly but work well with the process. I think that just one or two papers were agreed as filling all criteria quite quickly. It's a long set of posts, but definitely worth reading:

I have also been reading up on the Chrysotype process again, but most importantly a more recent version called the 'Texas Chrysotype', which is supposed to be easier, as it requires less chemical mixes. But, you require just 1gm of 'tetrachlorauric acid', which I believe is also needed in the original process. A quick browse tells me that this will cost 104.00 plus p/p - so it's a VERY expensive process to try, even when not including other items, so I will regretfully give this one a miss, at least for now!

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