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I am very lucky to have one of these wonderful enlargers. My initial purchase (900) was a multigraph model. It did not suit my way of working and needed very precise calibration for every type of paper you used. There is one consultant in the UK who can do this work but it is neither quick or cheap. He also offered to come and train me on its use. In the end I was lucky enough to swap it for a VLS501 version owned by a German gentleman who brought it over from Germany when he had business in the UK. I still use it regularly attached to an RH Disigns timer that has performed faultlessly from new. The only consumables I have bought for it are bulbs that I obtain from Norther Photo Supplies.

It is not at all convenient for 35mm but I am lucky to have a meopta magnafax for that.

the L1200 is probably the best enlarger I have owned.
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