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Originally Posted by paulc View Post
...To confirm the latter, you'd need to install a meter and log the voltage variations over a period of time. Unfortunately, this sort of equipment is neither cheap or very common -
Digital multimeters (and that's all you need to measure mains voltage) are available from Maplin, Screwfix, Homebase, B&Q and others for less than 8. The easiest to use are 'autorange', where you only need to select 'volts AC' or 'V~'. To measure the mains voltage on a British 13A socket, do not try to open the shutter with a screwdriver. Best to use a shaver adapter. You probably have one if you have come from the continent.
220V bulbs will fail early (but not immediately) on 240V but Europe standardised on 230V some years ago - including Britain. It just seems to be taking a long time to implement the change. If you find a source of 75W bulbs with the appropriate fitting (probably E27 if the enlarger is by Durst), buy a couple more - they are fast disappearing from the shelves.
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