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Default Another UK newbie

Hello. Like many, a long time reader and high time I registered to contribute a little after all the useful stuff gained from here.

Retired since 2013 after full careers in HMF (RCT) and the Civil Service (DSA). Took up photography more seriously in 2005 and after progressing through the digital world I developed an interest in stereoscopic and film (35 & 120) photography. I now develop my own film at home with Pattison kit and more recently a Lab-Box with 35 and 120 modules. Hovering over investing in the new Intrepid enlarger and, at long last, stealing the bathroom for another purpose to delve into this recently acquired addiction further

Edit: my current film camera lineup includes: Leica M2; Microcord TLR; Minoltas: Dynax 9; Dynax X700; Stereo Realist and a couple of drawers of old all sorts in various states

I answer to Brian and look forward to joining in with the forum. (Active member of as “bonneville” since 2007)

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