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Originally Posted by Britman View Post
Excellent, what would be an acceptable response time, are we looking at just a few milliseconds?

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Ideally within a couple of tens of ms but more important is repeatability. If the time to switch on or off varies widely then it becomes impossible to get an accurate time.

This is why using an internet connected socket becomes useless - a two second delay is fine as long as it is always two seconds, but of course, it will vary from a half a second to several seconds which is hopeless. Even connecting to your local WiFi router will introduce varying delays, albeit smaller ones. That is why I designed the app to connect the Android device directly to the power switch rather than go through the home router. It's an extra hassle to connect to it, but it removes all those varying delays (it also means the power switch is not connected to the Internet, which is a good thing given the amount of IOT hacking going on!)

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