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Originally Posted by Bob View Post
Hi Daniel.

1) I considered it - also thought about using the web server contained in the re-flashed switch firmware for the same purpose but decided it was too much hassle for a small advantage. The start-delay with count-in ticks can help if you need time to get ready before it starts counting.

2) Sorry, too much hassle again. The blocks-style coding used by App Inventor makes even moderately complex programming logic very difficult. It's fine for simple stuff, but as soon as you need to add control logic beyond a few lines, it becomes unwieldy. If I ever get around to learning to code Android in native code then I will revisit it.

3) An OLED screen uses active LEDs in the display which physically light up whereas LCD displays use a backlight shining through coloured LCD pixels that are switched from opaque (almost no back-light gets through) to clear. The "almost" bit is why you can get fogging with an LCD screen as some green and blue light gets through an OFF pixel). This results in much purer colours in an OLED display, reducing the chances of fogging as the App only uses different intensities of red.

But, if your LCD phone is not causing issues then I would just stick with that - I don't have any OLED devices myself.
Hi Bob,
thank you for your feedback and detailed answer!

Re 1) You are right. I use the test strips mode in AUTO mode and it is really good. No problem with that.

One additional question: Is there a way how to turn off the green led inside the Sonoff Basic???
I think I have read all the posts in this thread but have missed any such information.


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