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Originally Posted by Mike O'Pray View Post
Good news Tony ad quite a surprise. I think if the film is Pan F then even Ilford might be interested in your success. Your find of the bulk roll and your success is possibly the kind of thing that Ilford might even want to mention in its website

As far as posting pics of the negs is concerned then it's the moderators call but as the subject was latent image fade then this concerns a potential problem with a negative so on that basis and for our benefit I see no reason why you could not take a picture of one or two on the negs to demonstrate the box speed and EI 25 and EI 12 speed negatives

These would be legitimate pics of negs as negs which I think the rules allow

What I believe the rules forbid is the reversal of negs to positives as if they were the equivalent of darkroom prints which they are not

However as I say this is a mod's call

Hi Mike,

Not quite sure if you're taking the mick?

I'll get a better look today in daylight and put together a lightbox as I just have a plain scanner not a neg scanner.

Might try to get pics of the negs against a window but quality might not be good enough.

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