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Good afternoon Tony.
I very much hope you're enjoying the forum, and come to be a regular contributor. Very glad you got some results out of your PanF. Your post prompts a couple of thoughts. In order:

Please don't worry about posting your views. There's very, very little in the way of personal insult/ slagging/ baiting goes on here. I pretty much abandoned the Large Format Forum because of endless bad feeling and sniping between members. Here, you can take comments pretty much at face value. The occasional 'rogue' stands out a mile, and seldom stays.

"Ilford might be interested". Actually, yes. They may be a Big Name in the film photography world, but it's a small world. Ilford will respond to direct enquiries about their materials, and are happy to hear stories which promote the values of their products. They aren't Toyota or Disney.

Scans. The "unique selling point" of this forum is that it is exclusively Film and darkroom. No hybrid work-flow. Scans of negatives are for discussion and illustration of technical problems. More than one member has benefited from posting a picture of some dodgy negatives and getting feedback. This suits me, but I can accept these days many folk want to shoot film then scan and print. Such photographers are hugely welcome here to discuss film, cameras, processing, and the 'philosophy' of photography. Hybrid prints though wouldn't be eligible for things like our exchanges. I did see your comment about getting back in the darkroom- good luck. Mine is an office just now (home working) but hopefully not for much longer.
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