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Originally Posted by Roy in Silver View Post
I have a quick question, and probably a daft one. When you print from say 35mm film do you use an enlarger or do you use the high tech scanner and printer combination that you have described? (Sorry if it's an elementary question).
Hi Roy,

We can do either - but traditional optical colour prints have a hard time competing with a high quality scan and then print on something like the Lightjet or Noritsu. They can have a certain purity to them - but then so do the digital prints if you get them right.

When it comes to black and white, then this is a different matter and traditionally exposed is a tough act to follow, although we can make some very nice black and white c-type prints. Once we get the Lightjet exposing the Ilford Galerie Digital Silver, then this will take what we can offer a step closer.

We also just bought the latest 44" Canon 12 colour inkjet printer - great machine for reproducing artwork like water colours etc. but completely blown out of the water by the lightjet or the Noritsu for photographic printing - despite what some people say. But there is a demand for high end inkjet - or "Giclee" as some people call them - on some of the exotic papers that are available, which is why we are building this side of things too.

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