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You need to soak the threads at the base of the lens with a solvent, just a few drops, the thread grease sets like glue. I cleaned a lens similar to this on an old folder, because I was not too bothered if I messed it up I used a pair of gland pliers to free the front lens. The knack is to squeeze just enough to undo the lens not enough to break it. I cleaned all the gear trains with alcohol this dried them out and left them all too slow. So I tried watch oil, this leaked onto the shutter blades. Cleaned and tried watch oil again just the tiniest drop on the end of a paper clip. Left the shutter for a week, success the shutter and self timer work great! Them I taped a piece of grease proof paper on the back of the camera and looked through an slr to set the lens to infinity. Gogle setting a lens to infinity, you will find something. Good luck, please do not curse me if you attempt to remove the lens with gland pliers and you bust the glass, patience and soaking the threads is key!
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