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Default For Sale: All of my cameras

Hello FADU Family!

Times are tough, im spending more time in the darkroom than out and about taking photos like I used to and thus my "collection" must go. I am asking 1300 for everything and would prefer to sell them together. If you want an individual item pm me an offer and ill see what I can do. You can collect from London, Homerton I will accept cash, bank transfer whatever works, Here is a link to google drive where ive uploaded some photos. I haven't photographed everything if there is an item you would like to see that isn't pictured pm me.

Items are as follows:

Nikon W-Nikkor 35mm f2.5 LTM mount
- very very light dust, great condition for its age

Summar 5cm f2 LTM mount + Black elmar 5cm lens cap
- a few bubbles on front element
- light scratches

Leitz 8.5cm viewfinder
- great condition for age
- rare

Steinheil Culminar 85mm 2.8
- fair mechanical condition, focus is smooth
- light dust/scratches, optics are very good for age

Canon AE-1 + FD 50mm f1.8
- body is dusty as heck
- lens has some scratches
- all shutter speeds work it is loud though
- meter works

Pentax Spotmatic + 50mm Super Takumar f1.4
- great mechanical and optical condition except...
- 1/250 gets mirror stuck sometimes, easy fix just fire again at lower speed but you lose a frame
- meter untested, never use it

Black Leica III + Elmarit 90mm f2.8 + Leitx 90mm viewfinder
- great optical and mechanical condition throughout
- very good, sharp, rare lens
- light cleaning marks on front element
- suspected repaint, looks very good though

Voigtlander Vito B
- everything works, good condition
- lens has light marks

Leicina Special + Opivarion f1.8 6-66
- best super8 ever made (imo) works throughout however comes with a few issues
- battery compartment is finicky, takes some skill to get it to behave
- electronic zoom is a bit sticky in some places
- focus is a bit sticky in some places
- lens has very few light scratches
- other than that everything works and is clear, motor runs great, have shot a wedding on it but I would reccomend
you sort out the battery and lens issues before any serious work.

Zenit Foto Sniper FS12
- great fun kit, lenses have light scratches comes with mount and stock + a few filters
- body works on all speeds, meter untested
- ripped off flash conector as I never used it
- comes with helios 44 and 300mm 4.5 tair lens

Everything Else
- various ltm accessories
- shutter releases
- lens caps, hood, filters
- Leica bellows kit, great condition done some cool macro work on this
- l39 male to m42 female adapter, great for enlarging with m42 lenses or in combo with the leica bellows kit
- leica iiif for parts
- holga 120n with flash missing one side lock
- a few leica reloadable canisters
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