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GoodOldNorm and Brock

Thankyou for the information.
I am a bit slow in responding as I had to put the camera back together quickly and pack stuff away because I had forgotten about a decorating promise.

Now that is finished and out of the way I am free to tinker as much as I want.

What solvent worked for you both ? I tried lighter petrol, but nothing budged.

In my arsenal I have white spirit, methylated spirits, toluene and even a bit of xylene, dodgy stuff I know.
I am a bit wary of stripping the paint and the mounting.

Interesting article Brock.
Am I correct in thinking that if I manage to unscrew the lens just in front of the diaphragm, the rangefinder arm and speed indicator dial will just lift off as one piece? No other screws etc.
It is a bit of a puzzle to me, getting the arm off.

Do I unscrew the lens in the centre using a rubber bung, or is the aluminium centre tube unscrewed.
I think it should be the lens.

Cheers and Thanks to you both.
It will all be over by Christmas.
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