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How good is this exchange?

My prints from Uwe's negative are in the wash, so I have some time to reflect before putting them up to dry.
My first thought was this will be a pretty east print to make. I made a Grade 2 and-a-half work print when I received the negative and reckoned it wasn't far off.
The image I sent to Uwe was, by contrast, a pig (Sorry, Uwe).
However, I've ended up spending more time and paper on his negative than on my own.
Why? You'll all see them soon, but Uwe's image is an exercise in subtlety. I actually doubt if I would have taken this photograph, but Uwe both saw it and found a workable composition. My own photographs tend towards the opposite position. More contrast, deeper blacks, just 'louder' in tone.
The print I'm working towards needs some work yet, and I already know it will end up being something I would never ordinarily do.
This must be the best thing about the exchange. Not only being faced with a negative nothing like your own, but having to ask if you've fallen into a habit of just doing the same thing over and over again.
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