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Old 1st May 2013, 04:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Bob View Post
Yes, this is the major problem. These kinds of general forums tend to go rapidly South on a regular basis as inevitably a few people with strong views on assorted socio-political ideologies take umbrage.

I would strongly suggest that the status quo be maintained and take my general stand that: "if it ain't broke - don't fix it" ...

Cheers, Bob.
I agree with Bob. If there was a sub forum I for one would not use it.

If you eliminate the impossible whatever remains no matter how improbable must be the truth.
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Old 4th May 2013, 10:45 PM
DavidH DavidH is offline
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"if it ain't broke - don't fix it" ...

This is a very sensible idea. It doesn't mean that we should resist new ideas, but to use another well known saying - don't throw the baby out with the bath water.
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Old 5th May 2013, 08:06 AM
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I think I have to agree, with the others who have posted here. I do not belong to any other forums, so have had no bad experiences. But this forum has always seemed to me to be accepting of one anothers opinion, maybe agreeing to disagree on rare occaisions, but always with civility. I have asked some of the most basic questions on this forum and have only found support. Never have my most basic questions been met with derision or scorn. I suspect that that is the strength of fadu.

Learn to live, live to learn
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Old 5th May 2013, 09:40 PM
AlanJones AlanJones is offline
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Default Forum debate:

I have been following this through since my last post. It seems as if we are all happy with they way things are here, but Ian raises an interesting point about other forums. I will relate my experiences of two other forums, one good and one bloody awful. No names given in this post but I will respond fully to any private message if anyone is interested.

First the good experience. When the shutter on my Mamiya 645 1000s stopped working, I could not get a sensible response to my questions here, I joined another forum. There were a couple of guys in California who identified the problem straight away and guided me through to fixing it. For this, I am very grateful as it saved me about 130.00 in repair costs and postage both ways. It was a very good experience and I have a greater understanding of the Mamiya now.

Now for the bad experience and it was a British forum but for digital where I dare not ask the question here! My problem was about the use of OM lenses on an Oly E420 with an adapter. The camera works fine enough with the crap digital lenses, but put on the adapter and a standard OM f1.8 Oly OM lens and it will just not focus at any distance and viewfinder image was blurred also.

One old boy was insistent it was my eyesight was at fault and that I should adjust the diopter settings of my viewfinder. This may have done something for the viewfinder image but would not obviously do anything for an actual photograph through the lens. He just could not get away from this point and he was wrong, no moderators and it seems no one was prepared to shut him up. He was a perpetual nuisance and with so many pm's and posts I thought I was being stalked. Loosing my patience with him I announced I was taking the E420, adapter and an OM lens to Luton Cameras the main Olympus repairer and dealer for my area. They are in the process of clearing out their basement and are selling quite a few OM bits they have along with other film camera gear. I have bought stuff and will be collecting as well.

When I mentioned a trip to Luton, another one crept out of the woodwork and said why don't we meet up for a beer and I agreed. I then started getting more pms and links to other digital camera dealers in the area despite me telling him I was planning no further digital purchases. Then there was a renewed insistence that I went on a tour with him round these places. I was very close to completely loosing my temper again. I regard this forum as being full of complete and utter nutters without any form of moderation. I could not find an 'unsubscribe button' but I did find a please where it was possible to change an email address and password, so I did, well made one up. Hopefully I have got them off my back and they will soon get tired getting zero response and will now move on to bother someone else!

Should anyone be interested, a few of my digital shots that I was not happy about the quality of the lens were published, go to your search engine and get on to steam train galleries | north norfolk railway | 28th June 2010 and published under my name. They do not compare well to the results of others on the gallery.

In conclusion, its best to keep to a forum that is good or well moderated and grudgingly put up with a few 'wallies'.
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Old 6th May 2013, 01:33 PM
John King John King is offline
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Default 'Lounge type of Forum'

I tend to agree that this type of forum can get very bitter and twisted if not kept in check has to be kept under continual moderation. This can give rise to accusations of heavy handed moderation and other such unpleasantness. The AP Forum does sometimes get that way but offensive posts/threads are deleted immediately they are seen.

I am forum administrator for a forum dealing with a well known marque of motorcycle and I know the problems this can raise. When I took the job over 2 years ago it was a real hornets nest. The decisions taken by myself and the moderators had to be ruthless and firm which upset a few but now it ticks along quite nicely.
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Old 7th May 2013, 03:34 PM
CornishChris CornishChris is offline
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Location: Falmouth
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this is only a suggestion but as a compromise why not have a IRC chat room attached to the forum then members could chat about what they wanted without
a need for a subform with posts in it.

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Old 7th May 2013, 04:03 PM
Mike O'Pray Mike O'Pray is offline
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Location: Daventry, Northants
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I don't know what it takes as a resource to set up a chatroom but the APUG one never seems to get much attention so might be a lot of effort for little reward or even the unintentional promotion of discord.

I know hardly anything of my FADU friends' views on matters non photographic and I am not sure I'd be better off in gaining this knowledge.

Why risk a beautiful photographic friendship for a non photographic "tolerance" at best and the end of good relations at worst.

People might join a chatroom for matters non photographic with the best of intentions but still end up in discord.

Frankly and being strictly selfish I can ill afford to lose any photographic expertise here for the sake of a "pub knock about type discussion". Figuratively speaking of course

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Old 9th July 2013, 08:59 AM
Jnthn Jnthn is offline
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I agree, (no off-topic need) having seen what happens when you find out that people you like have the 'wrong' view of politics/sex/religion etc.

Don't sh*t where you eat.

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Old 10th July 2013, 08:05 AM
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Default forum

I like FADU because it is about analogue photography, if I wanted to discuss other topics there are plenty of forums on the web. Also beware of internet "trolls" . Some people who have nothing of interest to say can only criticise others, this leaves a bad taste and diminishes the value of good conversation.
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Old 10th July 2013, 12:05 PM
big paul big paul is offline
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please lets stick to film and darkroom as it is ,as we all saw the other day when we start to talk about other things it starts to get personal
and then the name calling takes over ,so please leave it as it is ....
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