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Old 18th February 2024, 02:07 PM
Terry S Terry S is offline
Join Date: Dec 2011
Location: Southend on Sea, Essex, England, UK
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Mike, to put it simply, my prime objective was just to see what the 'scanned' negative would look like as a positive image. After doing it though, I was really surprised how different the two images looked, for images that I have previously done the inversion to and then seen the darkroom version, like Rob's print, they have not seemed so drastically different to my eyes. This will make me think more though, when viewing 'scanned' prints on just about any website.

And to answer your questions Mike:

1. What do I need to conclude from your experiment, Terry?

Is it simply that an inverted negative will never look the same as the corresponding print or that to replicate the look of an inverted negative you need to print at a lower grade and/or a different exposure?
Basically that a scan, of any kind, may not represent an image that is made in the darkroom.

2. What it does seem to indicate is that what you see on sites that permit inverted negs as "prints" is not necessarily what you will see in a print.
Correct, but until now, I didn't realise that they could look so very different.

3. However I presume that with PS or whatever is the capability of the scanning software you can make the inverted print replicate the real print or is this a false assumption on my part?
Yes and no, but I think the quality of the replica, is a lot down to how experienced the user of any of the editing software and scanner is. I can operate PS to do what I want it to do, which is actually quite basic. I have just learned a few steps to view, enhance somewhat and publish / print images, with my software being P/S Lite, which was one of the first packages designed. I got the software on a CD FREE at the time of purchase, of an inkjet printer costing about 30.00, about 25 years or so, ago. I have used, whilst doing my photography degree, as well as have in my possession, a much more up to-date version of PS, but I just found it too complicated for the functions that I wanted to do, so I have stuck with the LE version, which also has numerous functions, that I haven't needed to use since I got it. So, with fingers crossed, I will continue to use P/S LE, as it has worked fine with all upgrades of Windows.

4. It was just that Terry's experiment prompted my curiosity
And it was the same curiosity that prompted me to invert Rob's negative scan and without curiosity, knowledge would not progress in my mind.

Terry S

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Old 18th February 2024, 05:04 PM
Mike O'Pray Mike O'Pray is offline
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Thanks for comprehensive reply, Terry

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Old 18th February 2024, 07:48 PM
MattKing MattKing is offline
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Location: Delta, BC, Canada
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FWIW, "digitizing" a print is a skill in itself, and the results depend on variables like how the eventual destination - like the FADU website as an example - display the result.
When I do it, I often have to adjust the digital file a few times to make the result look like I want it to.
All said in support of the proposition that reaching conclusions based on how things appear on the internet is an exercise that can be fraught with peril.
If you want to use the internet - such as FADU - to share a comparison between two prints, try scanning/digitizing them together - side by side - and display them that way.
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