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Old 23rd October 2020, 10:29 AM
Richard Gould Richard Gould is offline
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Originally Posted by TonyZ View Post
Hi All,

Just had the good fortune?! to pick up a Gnome Rangefinder Alpha 2 and I'm in the same boat as TonyOwen.

It seems to be set up for 6x9 printing, It has a 6x9 negative carrier and I have a 80mm lens but the problem I'm having is I'm getting some vignette-ing at the corners of a 6x9 negative due to the fact the light doesn't reach the corners.

I've tried messing around with the orientation of the condenser lenses but either I haven't hit upon the right configuration or maybe the lenses I have are for 35mm although they do cover the whole of the bottom of the enlarger head and are 6in (15cm) across.

Does anyone have any information that might help please? I've had a search on this forum and others but can't find any details relating to this.

Many Thanks

Tony Z


Having done a bit more research, google search with different words . It seems it can be a problem, someone (on this site, I think) suggested opalescent glass in the head but as was said the bulb gets hot enough already which I can confirm. The other option which I may go for it is to use the opalescent glass but to change the bulb for a low voltage circular LED panel, if one exists or maybe make one, how hard can it be .
Can't help with the lens, but an 80mm will not cover 69, you need at least a 100 or 105, condensers as fitted should cove the largest size negative the enlarger is meant to take, so as long as the enlarger is built to take 69 then you should be fine, having said that most Gnomes I know of were built for 66, so 69 might be too big, as far as bulbs go I have use66d an led bub, in my case a B@Q own brand Dial in my Meopta Opemus 66 enlarger for a few years now, so not a problem, just go to your nearest B@Q and get a Dial led but get the warm one, I tried both when I first switched and the warm bulb gives better prints than the cold, The one I mean is a bulb that looks like a standard enlarger bulb, about the same size, and with led you can use a higher wattage bulb

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Old 23rd October 2020, 01:23 PM
TonyZ TonyZ is offline
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Hi Richard,

Thanks very much for the advice, I'll keep my eyes open for a 100/105mm enlarger lens.

Kind regards,

Tony Z

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