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Old 25th February 2022, 01:18 PM
Mike O'Pray Mike O'Pray is offline
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Location: Daventry, Northants
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Thanks Alex.

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Old 26th February 2022, 08:36 PM
snusmumriken snusmumriken is offline
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Originally Posted by Mike O'Pray View Post
Yes a lot of photography is in the eye of the beholder which really means perception in the whole meaning of the word- it's a lot more than simple sight, although it can appear to be that way.

Many years ago in my early teens I had a fixed wheel bike that was given to me by my dad. It had a red Reynolds 531 frame that appearance-wise had seen better days and it had mudguards

A friend of a friend who was about three years older had a Holdsworth frame that was a lovely bright racing green with lovely thin gold stripes and large track type flanges that the spokes attached to. The kind Reg Harris used to have. New white tape on the handlebars, a thinner saddle and no mudguards.

I could never keep up with him for very long on the road but was convinced it was all down to his "better" bike. If I had had a Holdsworth frame( it was the same Reynolds 531 actually) I was convinced I could have beaten him

The fact that the two bikes were essentially the same did not register. His looked the part, mine did not

I have sadly come to the conclusion nearly 60 years later that his being about 3 years older and eating up more miles in the saddle on a weekly basis may just have had a little to do with the difference between the two bikes

I hope you enjoy my little reminisce in a time before the world had turned "lax and sour"and where the summer evenings were always warm and I don't think it ever got dark

When I was a schoolboy, we rowed on the Tideway at Putney. I used to have to take the coaches' muddy, punctured bicycles to the Holdsworth shop to be repaired, which they were not too proud to do, although I was deeply embarrassed. It was a small, crowded shop, with gleaming frames and shiny wheels hanging in every space. I never did get a Holdsworth bike before they were taken over, but I learned later that their frames were made for them anyway.
This isn't my photo, I pinched it off the internet years ago:
Click image for larger version

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Old 26th February 2022, 10:56 PM
alexmuir alexmuir is offline
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Location: Glasgow, Scotland.
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Well, my Holdsworth frame was a Mistral, from 1949-1950, with plain Nervex lugs and Reynolds 531 tubing. I donít know who built it, but it was clearly handbuilt by someone with a degree of skill. My Scot was, of course, handbuilt by Rattrays in Glasgow, again with Nervex Professional lugs, and Reynolds tubing.

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Old 27th February 2022, 11:55 AM
Terry S Terry S is offline
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Location: Southend on Sea, Essex, England UK
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To bring the thread back on track...

Originally Posted by Terry S View Post
Sunday (20/02/22), I mixed up another litre of lith developer, but this time put it into two washed wine bottles, gassing one. 20 hours later, the non-gassed ones contents had become straw yellow. Today, Wednesday, one has continued to darken, while the gassed bottle remains clear.

I will give it until the weekend and then post some pictures of the two bottles, after which I will try out the two developers to see if either of them still work.

Terry S
Well, there is definitely a noticeable difference in colour between the two wine bottles of lith developer.

I tried the gassed lith developer yesterday and it worked fine. I'm hoping to try the now coloured bottle of lith developer this afternoon, to compare.

I took pictures of the various bottles of liquid yesterday and will upload those with the next post, after trying out the second bottle.

Terry S
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